Hello everyone, I talked about my annual contest for face of GLC. Here are the contestants below and we have only two bloggers. All you have to do is vote the number you would like to win this contest in the comment section below. You can also share the link of this post or reblog this post and encourage everyone to vote for the best person that should win.

Please voting is once for each person.

If you want to contest, check out this post. Keep posting and reposting to ensure everyone votes.

Voting ends this July.

  1. 2016Aug15201320My name is Catia but i prefer to be called Novus
    Country : UK
    I’d like to win ’cause I know that beauty isn’t always shown on the outside. I may not be the Beauty, but I care about it. That’s why I’ve made this blog about beauty and cosmetics. To promote confidence and enhance whatever we’ve been given. I believe that with a little help, I can achieve this.
  2. image1Name: Vambe Beauty
Country: Nigeria but based in Ukraine
Reason why I would love to win
I would love to win because my blog caters to three main aspects of people’s lives which are faith, fashion and life in general. I also believe my blog brings a lot of positivity in a world full of so much negativity and having to bless lives just by reading my blog would be the best achievement for me.
Please vote by commenting 1 or 2 below.


Add yours

      1. Hello dear, I just tried commenting through a browser that is not wordpress site and it went through. They can comment by login in to their google account, facebook or twitter without using an email.

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