Hello bloggers.

Thank you all for being a part of my community.

Bloggers series has just been made open to help promote blogs. As bloggers we tend to be influencers in whatever niche we find ourselves.

No matter the country you are in, there is always something unique about your writing. We could always try to get bloggers know each other, and see reasons why most bloggers blog.

Bloggers series will help bloggers both growing bloggers and bloggers who are already strong influencers get to knows each other.

Bloggers series will help bloggers know some mistakes most bloggers made and how they were able to fight their way to greatness.

Bloggers series will feature atleast two bloggers every week. If you want to promote your blog or get to meet people, this is the best platform for you. Bloggers series is free for every blogger now but with time, fees may be associated with blog promotions. If you want to promote your blog, you could do it now it’s free.

If you want to be featured, You should just share 10 things you would like us to know about your blog. These things should be sent to the email with your picture

Things to send

  • Your story you would like to share
  • Your picture
  • Your website and social medias link
  • Your country
  • Where you reside
  • Your skills if any

Do not miss out interesting episodes of bloggers series. Who will be the first blogger to be featured?

You would also be featured on our instagram and social medias. Submit your stories today. Follow for more








Add yours

      1. I checked again but i don’t know what is missing. I sent my residence and nationality, 10 things to know about my blog, skills and my social media platforms. Please tell me what is missing.

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