Finally I'm so excited to announce the winner of face of gracelifecollections that began last month. I would first of all love to say a very big thank you to Dr. Beauty Vambe and Catia for participating in this contest. The winner is CATIA OFTEN CALLED NOVUS Congratulations Novus for topping in this competition it's... Continue Reading →

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Yes!!! We're super excited to introduce to you our online training class. This class is strictly for participants who have paid for our intensive online baking and buttercream class. Detailed information, images and videos would be sent across, assignments would be posted and submitted back for assessment and corrections. We would be delighted that everyone... Continue Reading →

Advanced Techniques

Remember when I told you I would continue blogging? Social media seems to be the highest means of communication for people and not only that, a place where goods, products and services are rendered. It is an advanced technique which should be a very great access to people although not many people utilize the opportunity... Continue Reading →


Hello lovelies, It's another weekend and I've been unavailable for a while on the blog. I just started a new phase in school and needed some time to adjust. So, blogging resumes from Monday starting with Monday tips Bloggers series Face of GLC Health posts And a lot of many other great ideas and tips... Continue Reading →

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